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6 Sep 2013

My Teaching Journey | Week 1.

Hey Everyone!
This week has been so so crazy and as you can see I haven't blogged at all, I barely had time to pee never mind blog! I am going to try and make time for my blog though as I love it so much and find it therapeutic.
I started the 'My Week' series last week and was really excited about it, I had different categories and found it a good way to sum up my week. I don't think I'm going to continue doing it like that though because there will be some weeks where I don't upload any Instagram pics, don't have a favorite song or video and so on. 
I decided I'm going to have more of a weekly diary entry every Friday to do with my week in College as I have just started my Professional Diploma in Education where I am training to become a Geography and English teacher. I feel like this is such a jam packed and exciting year, it's probably the most important academic years of my life in relation to my career and I am pretty sure I will have loads to talk about every week. Plus, we were advised to keep a diary and write in important things that happened every day but I don't have the patience to a) write something every night or b) actually hand write, so I thought this would be an enjoyable alternative!
So here we go for Week 1 :)

This Week:-
  • I realised from day 1 just how much would be involved, 14 modules overall ranging from the 'psychology' and 'philosophy' of education to more practical things like 'curriculum and assessment' craaazy compared to my 6 module course of last year! So it is safe to say I was pretty overwhelmed, and I still am.
  • Found that every single one of my lecturers are absolutely lovely, they have all been through the PDE (professional diploma in education) and know exactly what we're feeling so they are a lot more down to earth and helpful than the ones I had last year. 
  • I met the group I will be working with for the year, 4 lovely girls (one I already knew) and 4 equally lovely (if a little crazy) boys. We were told that we would get to know each other intimately through the course of the year, (not sure if the word 'intimately' was appropriate :P) as we take part in many projects and experiences together where we are expected to support each other and critique each other honestly and maybe dry each others tears every now and again. 
  • I discovered the AMAZING secret MAC computer suite in the Education department, and got to use a MAC computer for the first time, they're so fancy but I think I prefer windows! haha.
  • Realised that to be a teacher you have to be VERY VERY organised - something that I have to work on :P
    My Cat :P
  • Was asked to draw a cat in class and  we had to judge everyone else's cat in our group (to get used to judging each other's teaching) it was very very funny, and I have realized that some people really can't draw a cat to save their lives :P
  • Tasted an iced caramel machiato or something and it was absolutely disgusting - never EVER again am I trying anything coffee related. Yuck.
Whats planned for next week:-
  • Teach the others in my group a small task, I am going to teach them how to cross-stitch I think!
  • Teach a real life class a topic with my group (six minutes each) we will be recorded and have to judge eachother's performance afterwards - eeek.
  • Create a lesson plan for that class.
  • Create a handout for the class.


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Anna said...

This sounds a good plan, we can all follow you/be a part of your journey :) how exciting! :) lots of luck Sinead! :)
Anna :)

Ookaze said...

Thanks for letting us share your journey, this is so exciting! And well, I think I might be one of those persons who could not draw a cat (or anything else really) to save their lives, haha.




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