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13 Sep 2013

My Teaching Journey | Week 2

Hey Everyone!
Another week done and dusted thank God. I am just lying on the couch watching 'The Chase' having some much needed  down time and doing some blogging on my newly updated, and much faster laptop...so life is good at the moment :P
You may not know this but I decided to document my year as a student teacher with a blog post every Friday. One of the most important things in order to become a teacher is reflection; looking back on how things went in college, class, what was good and what you want to improve on. 
Week 2 is finally over and let me tell you, it was loooong! But also good :) 

Here's my week 2 sum up:-
  • Spilt a cup of hot chocolate all over my shoes and my friends folder - just made college on Saturday all the better!
  • Got to know my group so much better this week and have become such good friends with them already. I've honestly made more friends in these two weeks than I have in my 3 previous years in Uni. From make-up talk with Kim and Aisling to breakfast with Brian I'm so glad to be getting to know them all individually. So happy they're all good craic and there isn't one of them that isn't nice. Group 7B for life :P
  • I learned how to knit, make a paper aeroplane and I learned the offside rule in an activity with 3 other students. I showed them how to cross stitch :P
  • Apart from the many boring lectures I spent the majority of the time with my group planning our lesson for micro-teaching.
  • I did my micro-teaching on Friday, so my group and I gave a lesson on the subject of volcanoes to a small group of 13 year old students. Most of us were pretty nervous about standing in front of a class, even if it was only for 6 minutes each. Having each other there (even though we love each other) made it all the more intimidating, not to mind our mentor who was watching us from the back of the room. We were also been recorded by camera for the whole lesson and there were little microphones hanging from the ceiling - SCARY. After the lesson we went to a boardroom with our mentor to watch ourselves back on a big screen - gah I hate hearing my own voice. We spent 3 hours in the boardroom discussing the good and bad points (and occasionally having a laugh) about each others performance, and I must say, it really helped a lot in terms of how to present yourself to a class as well as methods of teaching. I feel like my teaching was OK, I engaged with the students, moved around the room, and instilled my presence amongst them, but I do wish I talked more (I was pretty nervous) and I need to work on my voice projection.
So that was basically my week in a nutshell :)

Beauty post coming soon I promise! May have purchased some Soap and Glory, stay tuned ;)


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Anna said...

Sounds like you have had a very good week, so glad your teaching went well & that you are making friends within your group & enjoying yourself :)
Soap & glory! :O I'm keeping my eyes pealed for that post :P hehe
Anna :)

Michaela Higgins said...

I'm like how I get to see your progression and stories of the week every Friday. Something to look forward to :)
Enjoy this year hun, and make the most of it :)
Luv Michaela x

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying these updates! Being a student teacher sounds like a challenging and rewarding position.

Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

Jasmine said...

This all sounds so great <3 good luck with the rest of your student teaching! I'm sure I will probably do something similar in the future. My mum works in a school, so I've often been in and out of working / helping there. I feel your pain! Looking forward to reading the rest of this!
Love from Jasmine @ rabbit-wood.blogspot.com

Lily Tyler said...

I'm assuming you're doing your PGC but obviously I could be wrong. My sister was on a PGC course last year and everything you're going through sounds so much like her experience, I'm no expert but it was great to see her grow as a teacher and become more confident with it which I'm sure you will too. She now teaches full time and loves it. Good luck for the future.


Ookaze said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your teaching experiences! :) And that you learn the offside rule :P Being a football maniac, I'm always happy when people learn something about that game. And if it's a woman learning offside, it's all the better!




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