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1 Aug 2013

Whats on my nails? | Marshmallow Heaven

Hey Everyone!
A quick post today because I am absolutely wrecked! I plan on catching up on Home and Away and then getting an early night! (I'm such fun) but I have just been waiting for my bed all day. 
I just thought I would first share with you a nail varnish I am really loving these days. Its Rimmel I love lasting finish in Marshmallow Heaven. Its one of my favourite pastels that I own and I think its a really lovely purple colour. It lasts for around 4 days without chipping which isn't bad considering they're only about 4 quid!
So if you are looking for a nice purple colour then I recommend this to you! and if you're not looking for one, then nevermind :)
Also, I am looking for a a good base and top coat as I would like my polish to last longer than it does with the current products I'm using, so if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments, thankies!
Hope you're having a great evening,

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PicturePerfectMakeup said...

That is such a pretty colour and seems like they last a pretty decent time!


louloubella said...

Bio sculpture top coat is the best! You will have to get it from a beauty salon though. I like essie's base coats.

Emily Lockwood said...

Gorgeous colour! I'm a huge fan of the brushes, makes application just that little bit easier.
And considering nails aren't really my forte, I'm needed all the help I can get.
Emily xo

Hannah said...

I really like this colour too :) p.s. you're not the only one.. we all love our tv shows ;) x


Anna said...

This colour is beautiful Sinead! :)
I have a top coat I'd recommend, ill tweet you it later :)

Natalee D said...

i love that colour, it's so beautiful :) definitely might have to check it out because I've been looking for some new colours to add to my collection recently!
As for a base and top coat, i'd really recommend Miss Sporty's Nail Expert Manicure as it works really well and has kept my nails chip free- also its pretty cheap so that's a plus as well!


Sylvia said...

I really need to get some more polishes! This is such a lovely colour, i might have to try it! :) xx


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