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22 Aug 2013

Time Flies | My thoughts on becoming a teacher.

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Hey Everyone,
OK this is a bit of a random rambling post from me about how I am feeling recently. I know a lot of you won't read this. But this is my blog to do what I wish with and I wish to get these thoughts out of my head and onto paper (so to speak) maybe then I can understand how I feel, you know what I mean? sometimes it helps just to write things out.

So I'm starting college next week, well not 'starting' starting. I've already done my undergrad; yup I have already done three years in college. 
It literally feels like yesterday I was in my final year of school freaking out (well not really) about my leaving cert and how hard it was going to be and whether or not I would get enough points to do arts. It is hard to believe that it was way back in 2010 when I was last in school. 
I remember those long school days so clearly. Sitting outside in the sun with my friends, being constantly yelled at to  'get off the lawn' by our hilariously silly Vice Principle.
 Dosing in Art class with Maria, Iosac and Philip (or Ronand as we liked to call him) we had such fun in that class, and I still miss it to this day. 
I remember the trouble the boys used to cause our French teacher, by sticking the board wiper to the ceiling and what not. 
Oh how I remember those maths classes where everyone was so hopeless and my teacher absolutely loved me for looking like a genius in comparison. 
English, where I lusted over a boy I liked (who is now my boyfriend) who helped me read the teachers incredibly bad writing on the board. 
Geography where I either talked to my friends or fell asleep most of the time because the teacher was so boring (ironic that I went on to study Geography eh?) 
The memories go on...our table in the canteen, sausage rolls, our school play, going home on the bus with Aisling, cooking in home-ec, how my Irish teacher never failed to make me laugh every-single-day.
 Looking back now, I remember school fondly. I remember it as a good time full of friendship, fun and no responsibilities (apart from doing home-work) Of course there were things about school I hated when I was there and I couldn't wait to get away from. 
But in all honestly, looking back now, secondary school was a very happy time in my life, I didn't realise that at the time but now to this day, I am still sad that its over and that I will never be going back. 
Well not as a student anyways.
And that's where I come to the point of this post, although there isn't really one, I am just acknowledging how fast life passes by and time catches up on you. 
I will be going back to that school, but this time as a teacher. In my teaching practice for my Postgraduate Diploma in Education. I honestly find this crazy. I am going to be teaching there now, what?!! I knew this was going to happen some day, but when I imagined it in school I pictured it in the distant future, where I would be a much more mature and sophisticated person with a much different life to I had then. 
That's why I can't believe I'm starting this now because I feel like I am exactly the same person I was when I was a student there. Maybe others on the outside would say I have changed and matured but I honestly do not feel like I have. Yes I have the experience of college under my belt now, but I feel like I have the same attitude and personality and.... life. I live in the same place with the same friends and the same boyfriend as back then and I still wear hats with ears for goodness sake!!!. 
This does quite worry me. How do I suddenly become a teacher and not a student? How on earth do I pull this off? 
I feel like time has gone so fast, but I have remained the same. I feel like it has caught up with me, tapped me on the shoulder and said "ok, time for you to be a teacher now" and I am just like "wait, what, I am still just that student" 
Do you ever feel like time is going too fast and catching up on you? Do you ever think that you should have changed and grown more in a space of time but you have remained the same?
I honestly cannot believe this time has come, for me to return to school from the other side.


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Michaela Higgins said...

I can't believe you've finished College already, your 20 right? Your so young. Well I think anyone your age would fear going back to school. You will get used to the system, a different system compared to the Students, but hey you'll do it. If it was me in your position I'd be thinking, "Oh God, look at me, in reverse situations... me the one boring the students!" You need to know that, that's how it'll always be... you don't realize until College how immature you were as a student. It's when you realize that the teachers are people too. So don't worry about it too much, just know that you'll do your best and you will feel as though you fit in with the teaching staff in time. It'll appear strange at first, I assume, but that's how it's more exciting to be apart of the teaching staff. It won't be as predictable. If you were going back into your Leaving Cert, it would be so predictable and less-exciting. All I can say is, don't change yourself with your clothes. You are young, so wear your funky hats and what not. Teachers are thought to be old educators, but they too started off your age, and I doubt they wore what they wear today. They changed as life went on.
Please put up another post in another few months, letting us know what life is like for you, compared to now. And I wish you the very best of luck.
Lots of Luv, Michaela x

Emma McIlroy said...

I am nearly at the time to leave school! And I definitely don't feel ready! But I guess any change is a bit scary, although it doesn't help when people mistake you for a 14 year old. :)


Holly Elliott said...

Oh my goodness! I can understand how you may be feeling a bit aprehensive about going back to school, but with a role reversal! I agree with Michaela's comment saying to put up another post in a few months similar to this, it would be interesting to read (:

Good luck


lolly said...

Thanks for your comment :) it must be so strange going bak to school I bet you still feel like a student the amount time flies by! It only feels like other day I was at school and when you're at school people tell you to enjoy it but you just want to be grown up. I'm glad my school days are over now and I have no homework but it's good to reminisce because you build so many memories at school :) good luck with everything!

Grace Christine said...

This is such an exciting yet scary time in your life and I would say just have faith in yourself that you will figure things out! I am going to be 20 in November and in America we usually graduate college at 22. I am so afraid for that day when I realize I am not a student anymore. I definitely can relate with that feeling of wishing you were more mature or sophisticated because when you were younger you envisioned yourself being that way. But, think about all your accomplishments and successes and imagine yourself at 12 or 13 looking at yourself today - I think she would be impressed! Good luck with everything Sinead!! I can't wait to hear more :)

Hollister Hicks said...

Awesome Post!!! It wasn't rambling at all. I loved it. Check my blog out!!!!


Oresiri teru said...

I love your blog, I would like to nominate you for the Leibster award, There are more details on my blog. It's for bloggers with fewer than 3000 followers and a great way to get to know other bloggers. I've asked you 11 questions. Can't wait to read your post

Lots of love Oresiri xoxo

Anna said...

WOW :O your starting your teaching part already :O I can tell how fast that has come by just reading this post! No wonder your like "WAIT,WHAT?! SURELY NOT NOW?!" I had to giggle at you saying you still wear hats with ears :) really did make me smile! Don't worry about how quick things are changing, just go with the flow & enjoy the ride...well try to :) hehe!
Anna xxxx

Ookaze said...

I know how you feel! I will be finishing my undergrad next year and then hopefully move to another country to do my postgrad and I just can't believe I've already been at university for two years!
That time-flying effect is probably stronger with you as ever as you're going back to the same school you came from, that's not common at all in Germany, is it so in Ireland?



Ellen Stacey said...

What an exciting time in your life! Wishing you the best of luck!

Ellen x | Being Ellen Stacey

Natalee D said...

I am in exactly the same boat so can definitely understand how you feel! I start my teacher training in 2 weeks and, although I'm excited, I am more nervous about this than I have been about anything before! can't believe I'm gonna be in charge of children when I feel like I can barely look after myself!

I hope you're not too stressed by it all though, I'm sure you'll get used to being at the other side of the desk quicker than you think :) if you want to chat about teacher training stresses feel free to message as I'll probably be feeling it too!!

Natalee <3


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