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3 Aug 2013

My First Time

Hey Everyone!
The 'My First Time' tag has been travelling around YouTube ever since Sprinkle of Glitter created it so I decided to create a blog tag of the same nature! I have seen this on someone else's blog recently but can't for the life of me remember who's it was, if it was you let me know in the comments :)
I thought that this would be a fun way for you to get to know me a bit better and for me to get to know the people I tag! So here it goes...

The Rules:

  • You must share the following firsts and give the story or the context behind them. 
  • You must Tag 10 other bloggers to do to the tag. 
  • No tag backs

First Best Friend - 

My first best friend was my Mum's friends daughter Melissa who was a year younger than me and my first best friend in school was a girl called Valerie who I met on our first day at school, her mom thought my mom was the teacher and started asking her questions. I stayed good friends with them both right up to secondary school where we then grew apart a bit but I still keep in contact with them to this day.

First Kiss -

My first kiss was when I was 14 at a teenage disco. I didn't like the guy at all but I wanted to kiss him because everyone else had kissed a boy and I felt like the odd one out. It was absolutely disgusting and I couldn't understand why everyone made such a big deal about it. Ugh really wish I didn't do that!

First Concert -

The first concert I went to was an Irish band called Six who won the Irish popstars. I was their biggest fan. Needless to say, they broke up about a year later and never 'made it'

First Celebrity Crush -

You may not know him but my first celebrity crush was the footballer Jason McIntyre who played for Ireland, and Sunderland I think. I was hopelessly in love with him. I cut out every photo of him from newspapers and kept them in a scrapbook. I was 8. 

First Word - 

I asked my parents and apparently my first word was Dada. Awh cute.

First Pet - 

My first pet was a dog called Brownie. He was actually around before I was born and died when I was three so I remember very little about him. After that I had a dog called Eamon who I remember a lot of. I used to try and make him believe that I was a dog too by barking and walking around on all fours. Cringe.

First Job - 

I have yet to get my first job! I'm too busy with college for a job and in the summer it is impossible to get one! 

First Phone - 

My first phone I got on my 11th birthday, it was the Nokia 3210i and I thought it was absolutely amazing. I still remember my surprise and delight at receiving it and finally being all cool with a mobile.

First Tweet - 

I looked it up and my first tweet was "I have finally succumbed to the lure of twitter" - relevant I guess :)

First Make-Up - 

Until relevantly recently I have been completely rubbish when it came to make-up. Like so bad, I had no clue. My first make-up item was when I was 12. I was a bridesmaid for my sister so I bought an eye shadow for that. My eyes stung the entire day because obviously I wasn't used to it. It was one of those pot eye shadows by Bourjois I beleive. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to get the same colour as my dress.


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And that's it! I hope you don't mind these more chit chatty blog posts. I personally love them because I'm nosey and find it a great way to get to know all of you guys :) If I have tagged you and you decide to do it, then please leave the link to your blog post so I can have a nose ;)

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Natalee D said...

i love chatty blog posts like these because, as you sad, I am very nosey! I love that you had a dog called Eamon as that is my dads name and I never know anyone who knows that name!
Lovely blog post :)


Rosie E said...

Yay I love tags! Will be doing this tag on my blog, thanks for tagging!xxx
Rosie | elephants never 4get

PicturePerfectMakeup said...

Thanks for tagging me! Ill defo be doing this!


Grace Christine said...

Aw I love this post because I feel like I know you a bit more now :)
I will definitely be doing this and thank you so much for the tag!


Anonymous said...

This is such a great tag, so thank you so much for tagging me! I love getting to know other blogger better :)

<3 Maddie
Ring-a-Round a Rosey

megan parker said...

Thanks for tagging me, I shall definitely be giving it a go! :)

Megan. x

Sophie Ruffell said...

Thanks for the tag! I will do this later!


Ookaze said...

I've loved this tag since I saw it on youtube for the first time and I'm so happy you tagged me so I can do it as well <3 I think I can actually upload it on Friday, if not, for sure Friday next week :)



PicturePerfectMakeup said...

Just done this tag, really enjoyed writing it!


Tanufic said...

ohh lovely post and tag as well.. though nobody has tagged me still i will be doing this tag on my blog..hehe


Megan Styles said...

check out this video of this tag I made :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxOLGJHefMU&feature=youtu.be

Anonymous said...

Ugh my first kiss was gross as well >.<


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