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17 Aug 2013

My Autumn Fashion Must-Haves

Hey Everyone!
So sadly summer is coming to an end (sob) the nights are getting long and everyone's preparing to go back to school/college. This summer has been surprisingly amazing, with that beautiful heatwave in  July that I long for these days whilst I dread the looong cold, dark winter ahead. But firsts there's AUTUMN yay! hopefully, it will lean more towards the summer heat than the winter chill, either way, I love Autumn. I love how pretty the trees look when they're losing their leaves, the autumn twilight, the calm weather, the still water, I just love the whole atmosphere of Autumn but I can't quite pin-point what that atmosphere is!
Anyways, onto the actual point of this post - I also love Autumn fashion, I love how they're more snugly than summer yet lighter than winter, and of course I love the colour trends in autumn, even though most of the items I show as examples aren't really anything like 'autumny' colours! haha.
Nevertheless, I have been thinking about how I want to update my wardrobe for Autumn recently and thought I would share with you the type and styles of clothes I am planning to look out for, purchase, and 'rock' this Autumn!

First up is the T-Shirt Dress. Recently I have been really getting into wearing more casual dresses on an everyday basis and have fallen slightly in love with the t-shirt dress. They are simple, comfortable and casual enough to wear down to the shops but yet look effortlessly stylish and classy. I really really want to get more of these for autumn and pair them with tights or leggings and maybe a knitted cardigan. They will be just perfect for college in my opinion!

OK so I'm probably a bit late on the bang wagon with these but I am really starting to love the Slogan Tees and have no idea how I don't own a single one. You will probably notice from this blog post that I do have quite a 'boyish' or 'varsity' style so these t-shirts are right up my street! I love the statement they make and honestly I just think people who wear them are cool. Haha. I especially love the NERD or GEEK tees but haven't seen any in the shops, I will be keeping my eyes peeled!

OK admittedly this is kind of an iffy one for me. I am a skinny jeans/leggings kind of girl and would usually never dream of wearing anything else as they seem to be the most flattering. But recently I have been eyeing up this style of trousers and quite like them. I like how they are still narrow at the bottom and are just a bit baggy around the waist. I really want to at least try a pair of these on to see how they look, I think I need to try being a little more adventurous with my bottoms and this might be just the way! Hopefully I will be brave enough to wear these this Autumn. What do you think of them? should I stay away?
Well I am a scarf addict so this one is a given. Every Autumn/Winter scarves are my must have accessory for me and this Autumn will be no different. Weirdly, during the summer I have actually missed wearing scarves, not that I wanted it to be cold again but they are just so pleasing to me, all the different colours and patterns aaahhh. Scarves are just such a noticeable part of an outfit, they're such a statement and I will probably spend far too much money on them this Autumn yet again *sigh*

Another thing I am addicted to every Autumn/Winter are Knitted Jumpers. They're so warm, cozy, practical and fashionable, I just loves them! I am definitely planning on investing in some pastel colour ones for this Autumn (I know that's more of a spring colour, but I just loves pastel ones! especially mint) One thing is for sure, I can never have too many of these gems throughout the colder months!

OK yes these may be a bit old news too, and not very exciting but I really like them, they are so my kind of style and I just think they're gorgeous. I already have one with leather sleeves which I LOVE and wear to death but I really want to get just a plain khaki one for this autumn. They match the style of most things in my wardrobe so why not?!

Last but not least, my beloved ankle boots. I have also missed wearing these in the summer and felt sad for them sitting alone in my closet unworn (yeah I'm sad!) I'm kind of short so I really hate full length boots and how them make me look like a complete midget, so for me, these are perfect. Warm, comfy and oh so stylish, they are definitely a must-have in my Autumn wardrobe - must find more!

Wow, this was sort of a long blog post with a lot of ranting and raving and lusting over my Autumn fashion loves. If I am lucky enough to find some nice things from these categories I will be sure to show you and let you know where I got them. 
What are your Autumn fashion must-haves? let me know in the comments!

Thanks for Reading,

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Emerald Dove said...

I love that mint jumper - it is so cute! Great post - everything looks lovely! :)

RazMaTaz said...

The military jacket is my fav! I really need to get one myself. Fab post! Xx


Jane's Jumbles said...

I've been lusting after ankle boots this week... they're perfect from autumn/winter :D x


Natalia said...

Love those T-shirt dresses, need to check them out :)

Ookaze said...

My absolute must-haves are boots. I just love them but my dad forbid me to buy any until I have my own place and that may take a while being a student and all such -.- He really thinks I have a boot-problem, that's downright ridiculous! (No, it's not, but shhhhh). v.v



Jasmine said...

Ankle boots and military jackets <3 YESSSSSS. I love them all.
Love from Jasmine @ rabbit-wood.blogspot.com

Michaela Higgins said...

I am the exact same with the Autumn/Winter fashion... it's my all time favorite. Even though Summer is my favorite Season, Autumn is always special to me. If only we could still have the heat. This Fall I'm planning on making more of an effort with my wardrobe. More accessories like scarves and pretty hats :) I love my pastel woolly jumpers as well. I can't wait to see what outfits you wear :)
Lots of luv Michaela Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

I completely agree about the knits and scarves!

Ring-a-Round a Rosey

Alexia Theo said...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

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