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29 Jul 2013

Spain Part 2 | Barcelona Day Trip

Hey Friends!
This is the second in my 3 part series documenting my holiday in Spain. To see Part one click here.
On Monday July 15th myself and my boyfriend Denis, his step sister Louise and her boyfriend Craig decided to take the train from Salou up along the coast to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona. This was one part of my trip I had been really looking forward to due to its strong cultural and historical background. 
The train journey was 1 hour and 15 minutes taking us to Sants train station, Barcelona. Here we got terribly confused because we knew we were far from the heart of the city and didn't have a clue how to get there! after a quite stressful hour trying to find out what metro to get (nobody seemed to speak English) we eventually made it to the city centre where I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the architecture to be seen. Every single building was astounding in its own right. Even shops looked incredible. 
Since we had no idea where we were or where to go we decided to take a trip on the tour bus, which brought us all around the amazing city, showing us the many attractions. Despite us all nearly dying with the heat (it was 37 degrees) we all were fascinated by the city. Here are some of the photos I took of the day.

One of the many streets in Barcelona.

Street performers behind Sagrada Familia.
Combination of both traditional and modern architecture.
We saw the beaches in Barcelona as well as the beautiful marina which had literally hundreds of boats.

I'm really glad we took the day out from chilling by the pool to see Barcelona. It was well worth it and I would highly recommend a visit if you're in the area!
Have you been to Barcelona, would you like to go?

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Anonymous said...

I was in Barcelona last April and it was a fabulous. It looks like the weather was much warmer for you, but I'm sure it was still amazing. Your pictures bring me back to my family's trip so I'm quite jealous that you were there!


Ookaze said...

A friend of my mother is from Spain and has a house near Barcelona. She wanted to take us this year but it won't work out I'm afraid, I really hope it will work out next year or in the winter! I've been longing to go to Spain for years and Barcelona particularly. One thing I wouldn't want to miss there is Camp Nou, the great stadium of FC Barcelona :D



Sinead said...

Oh sounds great! You definitely should go :) yes we were meant to go to camp nou but we kind of ram out of time! I wasn't too bothered but the boys were :P xxx

Sophie Ruffell said...

I really want to go to Barcelona,
Great photos.



I also travelled to Barcelona on a day trip and also went on a tour bus, but the day didn't go as planned as the tour bus dropped us all off the bus randomly, and left. Along with many many other tour buses before and after us. Waiting for a couple of hours in this cue for another to take us back to where we got on, for what I remember... And then not having the time to do other things what we wanted to do. Its a beautiful city and it was great to experience the sites and the city itself with all its culture. Glad you had a good day!! :)

Jack!! :)



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