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27 Jul 2013

Spain Haul!

Hey All!
I didn't do all that much shopping while I was in Spain. I spent most of the time in Salou just chilling by the pool and relaxing. Whereas Barcelona was just so huge the idea of going shopping, or even trying to find shops seemed overwhelming, plus I was with two men who would have had no interest in tagging along the shops with me! I did pick up a couple of things though and thought I should share them with you all as everyone seems to love a good ol' haul :)

I got this black leather jacket from Vera Moda and I love it. I have been looking for a nice, relatively inexpensive one forever but they all seem to be annoyingly short and I can't understand why they make them like that! but this one is just right, doesn't gather up and is a lovely fit, plus it was only 35euro!

I got this bag from a little boutique in Sants train station in Barcelona. I love it, its such a vibrant statement colour, I love the make and size of it and its got lots of very useful pockets, It looks great quality in my opinion, I was shocked that it was only 15euro.

The next things I got were these scarves, I found them in a random store in Salou. I am a sucker for scarves and I always wear them to uni in the winter, sometimes it can be really hard to find nice ones for less than 15euro and don't get me wrong, I love Primarks ones but I feel like everyone has them. So at just 3.50 each I just had to snap up these two and now I am really regretting not getting like 10 more as I seem to get bored of scarves pretty quick.

I got these adorable bracelets also at a random shop in Salou (sorry! they have the same in Primark) I love this style of bracelet and I haven't taken them off since :)

Finally, Oh my god you guys I got a Real Technique brush! eek! so much excitement for a damn make-up brush! I have been wanting to try out Real Technique brush forever and I honestly don't know what was stopping me, I was planning on getting the core collection kit but I seen so many positive reviews of this Expert Face Brush that I decided on this instead. So far I love it and I definitely plan on purchasing more from the range, the starter kit is a certainty, have you got any recommendations for me? I would love to know!

So that's everything I got  :) I hope you enjoyed my first ever haul post, would you like to see more in the future?

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Lauren said...

I love seeing what people buy so more hauls in the future would be great :)! I love the scarves and as for the Real Technique brushes, I love the stippling brush- I use it for putting on my foundation and cream blush, I definitely want to try the Expert Face Brush- will you be reviewing it?


Amy Lockwood said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
Have a look at my latest post!
Amy X

Fiona Naughton said...

Gorgeous buys, love the scarvess, the pattern is so pretty and Irish girls really love scarves dont we? :) Thanks for viewing my blog and leaving a comment, happy to keep in touch with you!

Fiona @ www.dolly-dowsie.blogspot.ie


Ookaze said...

You're right, everyone loves a good haul :)
I agree on the jacket thing, cropped jackets are great with dresses or stuff but when I wear them with jeans and a shirt, I always have the feeling of getting a cold back. I'm still trying to befriend them, haha.
I will so be buying RT brushes on my holiday as you can't get them here but via Internet and I easily start spending too much money online, so I have to wait :( But not much longer!



lucylovehart said...

Hi Sinead!

I just got the purple eyeshadow brush set from Real Techniques for my birthday and cannot wait to try them out! Would love to see a review on the brush you got!

I am scarf obsessed too! There's just something irresistible about them when they're in shops. I had to put myself on a scarf buying ban for like a year because I ran out of space for them! Took an entire suitcase just containing scarves to uni too.

Would love to see a scarves collection post from you to see what you have. I'm thinking about doing one in the near future. What do you think?

L x
♥lucylovehart - ♥life♥beauty♥thoughts

Rebecca x said...

i love hauls and have done a few in my blog. check them out xx



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