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24 Jul 2013

Quote of the Week #2

Time and time again I find myself depending on the people in my life to make me happy. If they upset me or treat me badly, or if I upset them, I become consumed by it, I become sad, irritable and sometimes angry. I feel like I will never be content again until the bridges are fixed and the relationship is mended to its former glory. I will sit around for days moping, waiting for them to either apologize, forgive me, or just simply start acting normal towards me again. I let my whole mood be influenced by other people and this quote shows that this is not a healthy way to live.Obviously it's OK to become upset when things get difficult with people who are important to you but I think once in a while we need to step back and realize that the only person who can truly make you happy is you. Happiness is a choice only you can make. We can chose to sit around depressed, thinking that we can't be happy until our friends starts talking to us again and we have them back in our lives, or we can put ourselves first, we can choose to smile and go out and do the things we love because the sad reality is everyone is going to hurt you, people are selfish. They will be mean to you if they want to be, if they want to get a point across your feelings are irrelevant. So we should just put ourselves first, love ourselves and find our own happiness, if we are waiting for others to make us happy we will all be waiting a long time.

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Scrapbook Of Allsorts said...

This is so true! Great post xx


Jaclyn Larisa Youngquist said...

I have to remind myself of this at times as well. We are all responsible for our own happiness in life...which is a beautiful thing really!



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