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9 Jul 2013

A Wonderful Summer's Day

Hey Everyone!
Its reaching up to 30 degrees celcius here in Ireland these days and let me tell you, we rarely ever get such amazing weather! We're having a heatwave for the foreseeable future and I intend to make the most of it! (bbq today yay) 
Yesterday was really really fun, i headed off to the beach with my sister and her 3 kids where we stayed for the guts of an hour and a half, we had a little picnic in our tent and enjoyed fun in the clear, warm water. Mark, my 1 year old nephew absolutely loved being in the water and was laughing the entire time - too sweet. When we came home I went to stay at my sisters where my nieces continued to enjoy the sweltering heat on their water slide. Finally, when the little ones were gone to sleep (didn't take them long after such a busy day) my sister and I stayed outside until 12 (when it was still amazingly 22c) with a bottle of wine and chatted the night away. 
Why can't everyday of summer be like this?
Here are some pics of the day. Sorry for the extremely photo heavy post today, I hope you don't mind! I just like to document all kinds of my adventures and memories on here :)

What is the weather like where you are at the moment? What do you like to get up to on really hot days? Let me know in the comments! :)

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Scrapbook Of Allsorts said...

Such great pictures!! Looks like you had a lot of fun! xx


Ookaze said...

Cute pictures, spending quality time with the family is so important!
When it gets as hot as it is now here it also gets ever so humid. This kind of weather really makes me feel bad and gives me a headache most of the time so I usually stay inside where it is cooler.
But when it's just warm outside and not so exhausting, I love to chill in the garden and read or write bloggy stuff.



Dannielle said...

Sounds (and looks) like a great day! I spent the day in the sun yesterday and ended up with some slight sunburn on one shoulder but no where else... Typical! xx

D Is For...

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh her kids are too cute! What a fun day in the sun...and ending the day with wine?! Even better! That would be the life!

It's always so nice to spend a day out in the sun. Hopefully no one got a sunburn :)

<3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

Anna said...

These photos are adorable Sinead! :) Don't apologise for the amount of photos you post either...your blog, your rules so post away as many as you like! :)
It looks like you had a really great time! Let's hope the weather lasts.
Yesterday it was roasting here & the sun was out but today the sun hasn't actually made an appearance :/ :(

Jasmine said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I'm not liking the heat here at the minute. I prefer winter any day!
Jasmine xo

Jasmine @ rabbit-wood.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

This looks like an awesome day. I want a slip n' slide!


New Post!

Sarah D said...

Glad I came accross your blog! I'm living in Dublin and loving this heatwave! :D

Sarah x

Elisabeth McMurran said...

Looks like you had an amazing time ! I headed to the beach as well in this heat! xx


MissFashionLicious said...

Lovely pictures! I'm glad you had so much fun at the beach!

I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out on my blog and let me know when you post yours so I can read it :)

Girls Talk... Fashion, Beauty, and Life!

Daniela X❤X❤

Chlo O'Donnell said...

The weather is beautiful where I live, at the moment! :) It's super hot... just don't like it at night when it feels uncomfortable to sleep :( But I'm definitely not complaining!

Hope you're doing well - and I love your layout ^_^

Chlo | www.chloodonnell.co.uk


Natalia said...

On hot days I just hide at home cause too much heat is killing me slowly haha, and tomorrow it's supposed to be like 33 degrees in London. I'm scared... xx


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