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9 Jun 2013

Under the Galway Sun

Yesterday was glorious as I hinted at in my snap post my boyfriend Denis, friend James and I decided Nikki Minaj was one wise lady so we upped and went to the beach 'each.

We were more excited than kids to get to ride the double decker bus, but nearly died of heat exhaustion with all those windows!

When we arrived at the beach, the water was clear and beautiful, and incredibly calm.
We can't say the same about the shore, that was thronged with people making the most of the very rare Irish sun.


We eventually found a spot, James got his wetsuit on, Denis got his shorts on, and I dressed down to my bikini and we all splashed into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean. We stayed in the water for an hour, goofing around and playing 'piggy in the middle'. Totally acceptable for people in their early 20's ;)

We then chilled out on the riverside with an alcoholic beverage, or two.

We had many passerby's as you can see!

We then took a walk to the claddagh and lay by the river (further upstream)James had a cigar while I cuddled with Denis as the sun began to set (aww) and i admired how the salt water had made my hair all 'beachy'

The day ended with a big greasy kebab which I was far too busy devouring to take a picture of.

And that was my fun, sunny, and amazing Saturday. What do yo do to make the most of the sunshine?
Sinead xox

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Ookaze said...

Woah woah woah, before I'll say anything else you have to tell me where those shoes are from! ;)

Looks like you had the best day! What's a claddagh, though? Tell a non-Irish girl, please.

As soon as there is a trace of sun, I bathe in sunblockers *cough* obsession *cough* and place myself in a beach chair. Sun's rare enough here.



Lauren said...

Aww sounds like you had a lovely day :) lovely photos, I'd love to go to Ireland one day! xx



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