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4 Jun 2013

A taster of my Instagram

I love photography. I love nature. I love photographing nature. I love instagram! I have uploaded 152 photos of 'naturery' things throughout my time on instagram. Here are some of my favorites and my most 'liked' photos. If you're reading this don't hesitate to follow me @sineadsphotography and please leave your instagram username in the comments so I can follow back!
Double rainbow behind my house

A winter tree

Lough Inage - Connemara, Co. Galway

Old water pipe

Salthill, Co. Galway

Garden Flowers

View out my living room window

Flooded field

Connemara National Park

I hope you like these photos! I dream of investing in a super posh camera so I can get the best shots possible, and I am considering doing a photography course in the future, just for kicks as it is a huge hobby of mine! 

Sinead x

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RazMaTaz said...

Wow, I am an Instagram addict! I'm @96razmataz if you are interested. Your photos are beautiful, you live by some really amazing views.

Thank you so much for your comment. It was very kind of you to leave the link and its really helped me. Thank you!


Ookaze said...

Oh wow, those are some amazing pictures. Especially the flower one, beautiful colours!

I just followed you on Instagramm =) I'm not so comfy with it yet (lack of photography skills, duh) but let's see what the future brings... @lifeofkaze if you're interested


Scrapbook Of Allsorts said...

Beautiful pictures!!



Christina Thorup said...

Wow you've got some really beautiful pictures on your instagram!! ö

Christina xx

MisfitxToy said...

Your photos are gorgeous! My favourite is the view from your living room window. I've only just started to use Instagram but this is mine instagram.com/misfitxxtoy. It's mostly little day to day moments.

Evie Mellors said...

wow! these are beautiful! I have just started to appreciate the countryside 10000000000x more! I would love to be as good at photography as you are! I dream of getting a big fancy camera (hopefully in an attempt to make me better at photography!) but I will just have to stick for my camera and iphone till that time comes!
Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way!
Evie :)xx

Sinead said...

Awh thanks so much for the complements!
You don't need a fancy camera to get good photo's! all of these were taken with my Iphone!
Stay in Touch,
Sinead :) xx

Sinead said...

Thanks a million :)
Oh cool, I followed you!
Sinead xx

Let's talk about everything said...

These pictures are amazing! Love your blog!
Would you like to follow each other? Let me know...:)
Let's talk about everything

Dominika Tatiana said...

love your pics! :)

Sinead said...

Awh thank you!
Yes I would love for us to follow each other - on my way to your blog right now :)


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