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14 Jun 2013

6 things in my bedroom

I saw this tag going around and thought it was a really cool idea (mostly because I'm super duper nosy) I thought it was cute and said 'hey, why don't I do that' so I'm doing it. Hehe. Here are some completely random things to be found in my bedroom -

1. Jewelry Stand: I love this. I think it's super cute and unusual. I got it years ago in a Christmas hamper from my cousin. I find it really handy for holding bracelets as it's quite small!

2. Peppa Pig: This is kind of a private joke between me and my boyfriend. He got me this teddy for our 6 month anniversary almost 3 years ago (it came with a little book too) I gave him George from 'Peppa Pig', so we have matching boy-girl teddies in our rooms, yes, I know you're all being sick in your mouth now haha. Also the silver bracelet around its neck was part of the corsage he gave me on our debs/prom. 

3. Tigger Cross-stitch: I have this hanging in my room on the side of my closet. I made this as part of my Home Economics class for Junior Cert when I was in my second year of secondary school, so I was only 13/14. It's a nice little memory to keep :)

4. Kazuo Ishiguro 'Never Let Me Go': I read this book before Christmas for college and I loved it. It is quite heavy and intense and some what depressing but I find it amazing. Would highly recommend it if you're into the more 'intelectual' read. Otherwise, you should watch the movie adaption starring Keira Knightly! It's on my bedside table because I am reading it again :)

5. Little Lantern: This has been in my room for as long as I can remember, my sister had it here when I shared a room with her. I beleive it was a gift to her from our granny (who passed away when I was 3) I think it's really cute and sweet.

6. Sister Frame: I have a few photos in my room but I thought I'd share this one as I love the slogan as it is so true.

Now it's your turn, yes YOU! I want to see a couple of things in your room, so I tag everyone who reads this :) Oh and if you do this please leave a link to your post in the comments just in case I miss it! Yay! 

Thanks for reading,
Sinead x

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RachelLouise said...

This is such a cool idea! There are so many memories in one room. I am differently going to do this :)

Love Rach xxx


RazMaTaz said...

I love this idea! I've been reorganising my room recently so ere isn't a lot of interesting things in there but I'll give it a go. Xx


Anna said...

I wasn't sick in my mouth by the way, I thought it was super cute! :)
I love this idea..I'm going to take part soon! :)
Anna xx

Ookaze said...

Cute post!
If I can manage to keep my room clean and tidy for more than 15 min I'll do the tag. Keep your fingers crossed, my furniture has a will of its own.



Natalee D said...

I love this post because I am also super nosey!! I've watched the film of 'Never Let Me Go' (part of the film was filmed in my home town!) but I didn't realise it was book, it'll have to go on my 'books to read' list!
I think I'm going to do one of these as well :)



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