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9 Jun 2013

30 Day Snap #8 | swimming in the ocean

Today was amazing. I went to the beach with my boyfriend Denis and my friend James, where we had a good splash in the water. I was just a tad hesitant about going out too far because a) the water was freezing b) I don't like the taste of salt water and c) I didn't want to drown haha. Nonetheless my boyfriend decided to carry me out and pull me underwater with him...euugh I hate him haha! Later, I was happily chilling on my boyfriends shoulders when James decided to push me causing me to fall head first deep under the icky water. I can still feel that yucky stuff up my nose, aaaahhh. Apart from nearly being drowned several times, today was epic :)
This is a picture of James all excited in his wet suit.
Sinead xxx

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I enjoyed reading this post Ms. Sinead! I hate the taste of salt water and to drown too! Haha! I love the photo! It's so obvious that you guys had an awesome and fun time. Hihi. :D

Anonymous said...

the beach is really pretty :) Not meaning to sound creepy, but where is this?

- Alexis

Madeline said...

This was a great post! Sounds like you had a great day, I'm glad you let us have a glimpse of it.


Ookaze said...

Aw, the sea... I envy you! I haven't been near a beach for ages and ages :( I'm not one for swimming in the ocean as well but this is because in times when I shaved my legs instead of epilating them, the salt water used to burn so badly, I hated that!


RachelLouise said...

I am with you girl! I hate hate hate sea water! Especially in Scotland :( soooo cold.... plus I can't swim which also plays a big part in the fact that I can never bring myself to venture in further than my ankles haha!

Rachel xxx


Sinead said...

That''s not creepy at all :) It's in Salthill in Galway, Ireland!
Thanks for the link to your blog xXx

louloubella said...

Your pictures are so pretty! :)


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