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29 Jun 2013

30 Day Snap #29 | Ben and Jerry's

Hands up if you agree that Ben and Jerry were the greatest men to ever live because they created this orgasmic ice-cream! (I like it a lil bit) my boyfriend and I kinda sorta ate an entire tub of cookie dough between us in the space of 30mins. Ooopsies!
Please tell me I'm not the only fatty who can down this in minutes?
Sinead x

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Anonymous said...

My hands are up =) I love love love Ben and Jerry! It is my favourite ice cream especially the Cookie Dough, yum yum...
Don't worry you're not alone, to finish it off in minutes =)

RazMaTaz said...

Woo! Impressive timing. I love Ben and Jerry's and SNAP, I had Cookie Dough yesterday too! Yum! Xx


Ookaze said...

I love cookie dough ice cream but in our small town I haven't found this stuff yet :( and to transport it home from Munich is too far for ice cream. Sigh, the downside of living in the country.
I so want to try this!



Shannon Olivia said...

Mmm Ben & Jerry's...not had this for ages! :) My favourite is Phish Food :D You're so lucky, I'd never be allowed a full tub! xD


Jaclyn Larisa Youngquist said...

I love Ben & Jerrys...I have a really hard time not eating a whole container in one sitting!


Jas Poole said...

Ahhh Ben and Jerry's is so so yummy. My favourite was Phish Food but now I cannot eat chocolate because of migraines. DAMMMN. Haha, enjoy it for me :) xo


lilyofthevalley said...

I LOVE Ben and Jerry's! Cookie Dough is by far the best flavour! (And don't worry, I eat a tub of it on my own in one sitting!) x


Heather said...

I like the cookie dough flavour but I LOVE the new peanut butter one :)



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