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29 Jun 2013

30 Day Snap #28 | Yummy Dinner!

Snap 28 is a tad late I know, I was away for the night and had no wifi connection *world ended* but here is my snap for yesterday - my dinner, exciting I know but I had company so wasn't really thinking about taking pics of everything we did :P but oh my gosh it was so nummy, I didn't finish it though to the annoyance to my bf who wanted to bring it home for later. Haha. How was your day? 
Sinead x

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Ookaze said...

Omnomnom, this looks delicious! I'm a person who very rarely is able to finish my food when I'm eating out. I'm fast to get hungry again but at the moment I just can't eat any more, my stomach's simply full.
All my friends are already making fun of me, haha.
It's always handy to have hungry company who can finish your meal for you ;)




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