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27 Jun 2013

30 Day Snap #27 | New Dresses

Ooh only 3 more days of this challenge! Can't believe I've got this far with it. I'm going to miss the routine of uploading a picture everyday, although today I'm uploading 2 but shush lets keep it between me and you ;)
I went shopping in Penneys/Primark today and I thought I should share some of the stuff I got. I got the casual stripy dress for €11 and I love it, I think it will look great with navy leggings too, I know I'm going to get lots and lots of wear out of it. 
The red one was €17 and is really pretty too in my opinion, I love the black lace across the top. 
I think this will be gorgeous to wear out to dinner or to a birthday party I'm going to next weekend :) 
What do you think of them? Do you like to wear dresses? Let me know if you would like to see a full haul!
Thanks for reading, 
Sinead x

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Dib-Dab-Debs said...

I'm awful. I have a million lovely dresses that I never wear. I love the stripy one though. I'm looking for a nice little casual dress just like it. Might pop into the Primark near me and see if it's there!


Ookaze said...

Haul, haul, haul! Yaaaay!
Haha, I'm a bit hyper it seems. Love thoses dresses, I think I'd pair the striped one with a leather jacket and booties and the red one perhaps with nude pumps and a trench coat. Love to see, what you'll be doing with them.

I like wearing dresses but I'm so picky that I very rarely find one that really lives up to my expectations.



Rosie E said...

I love pennys (primark)!
They're both lovely but especially the red one yes please full haul soon!
Well done on the 30 day challenge you've done good- banks for your encouragement I still had to give up!! Xxx

Rosie E said...

Thanks not banks lol x

forqueensbymary said...

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Anonymous said...

I love both! It's pretty! You looks so adorable Ms. Sinead! ^^

Chlo O'Donnell said...

Oooh, lovely dresses! The red dress is my favourite; reminds me of something I would also wear :)
I'm literally never out of dresses and leggings and skirts. I don't actually own any jeans. I'm a bit of a fail of modern day fashion, but hey, I like what I like ^_^

Let us at that haul! :)

Chlo | www.chloodonnell.co.uk


RachelLouise said...

Gorgeous dresses! I particularity love the red one! Looks so elegant and floaty :)




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