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26 Jun 2013

30 Day Snap #26 | Ridin' the Wheelbarrow


I LOVE this picture, I think it is so cute and I love how they are all smiling at the same time - surely a rare moment! These are my sisters kids Caoimhe, Sophie and Mark being wheeled around in a wheel barrow by my dad. The photo totally captures their innocence - wish I was so easily entertained, as well as their love for the outdoors and their granddad :) Cuties. 
What did you get up to today? are you taking part in the 30 day snap? Do let me know :D
Sinead x

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Anonymous said...

Aaaww.. Caoimhe, Sophie and Mark are such an adorable kids! I love the photo just like this one! ^^

RachelLouise said...

What a brilliant photograph! Well timed!

Rach xxx


Ookaze said...

Haha so sweet! Being wheeled around is always fun, I remember I loved it, too, when I was a child.

If you don't mind asking me, how do you pronounce Caoimhe? Could you spell that out, I'm so curious...




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