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24 Jun 2013

30 Day Snap #24 | Outside My Window


Yay only 6 more days left in the 30 day snap! Thank goodness, not gona lie this has been dragging on just a tad :P I've really enjoyed discovering new blogs through this challenge though! 
I didn't know what to snap today so I thought I would share with all my blogger friends what the view out my bedroom window is like, probably one of the most boring views imaginable, but it's nice to love in the countryside :)
What can you see out your window? Tell me, tell me!
Love, Sinéad x

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Anonymous said...

I love greens! You're so lucky to have a green view in your bedroom window Ms. Sinead! In my windows, you can see cements. Worst right? Hihi. :D

Chlo O'Donnell said...

What a lovely view! Through my windows at both parents house, I just see the street, and that's no good! I think you win for best view out of your window! I'm glad I found your blog during the 30 Day Snap ^___^ <3

Lots of love

Chlo | www.chloodonnell.co.uk


Ookaze said...

Love it :) through my window I can overlook our garden and a little snip of the street and our neighbours' houses but not too much because our trees are in the way. The view from my parents' room is the real impressing one, open field up to the river and its banks.




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