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16 Jun 2013

30 Day Snap #15 | Tweet Tweet

A bit late I know! But hey if Louise herself can be late then surely I can too :)
This is a picture of my nieces little canary called Prince Charming. Amazing name choice I know! The little bird looked so happy tweeting away that I had to take a picture, if you look closely you can see his mouth was open as I snapped him mid-tweet. Hehe. Do you have any pet birds? Would you like one? Let me know in the comments!

Sinead x

Ps. My snap #16 will be up be up later today :)

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RachelLouise said...

aww ins't he sweet! We looked after my neighbours Canary for about a week when they went on holiday. However I would not want to keep one permanently they are so loud haha. But the look adorable :)



Ellen Stacey said...

How sweet! I have always wanted to have a pet bird, would just need the space to keep the cage in a separate room to the main living area I think lol.

Ellen x | Being Ellen Stacey

Rosie E said...

Aw this is so cute! We used to have a bird too and everytime we put music on it would sing along! It hated the hoover though, it went beserk! x
elephants never 4get

Ookaze said...

He is so yellow he actually looks unreal. I'm not much of a bird person I somehow just can't relate to them. I acknowledge they're pretty and stuff but that's about it so
No, I'd like to have a pet bird, haha.




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