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10 Jun 2013

30 Day Snap #10 | MAC Lovin'

Today my friend and I went and drooled over some designer stuff in town. We fell in love with several €200 Marc Jacob bags and admired all the pretty products in the make-up stands, especially Benefit, Urban Decay and M.A.C. We did't buy anything, we just looked, admired and fell in love.
Are you taking part in the 30 Day challenge?

Sinead xxx

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Primarni Princess said...

I often do that lol. I love walking past the Mac counter really slowly to admire all the lipsticks and spend imaginary money I wish I had.


Ookaze said...

Oh, boy, a MAC counter. Put this away, quickly, before something bad happens... I'm going a little bit crazy about MAC at the moment, it's really not a pretty thing, haha.

Never start buying this stuff, seriously. It's a like dam that's broken with me, very hard to restrain. Sigh. My bank account hates me.



RachelLouise said...

Am just looking at all the different colours of lipstick and thinking 'I want to try on every single one!'. Soooooo pretty :D

Rachel xxx



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